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About Roko Comfort Solutions in Gastonia, NC

Roko Comfort Solutions, LLC was established by Alex Romero and three of his family members. Romero started out in the HVAC business when he was 19 years old by working as a service technician. Eventually, he was promoted to sales and then moved on to design.

This extensive background in the HVAC trade gives Alex the experience needed to install, repair and maintain your heating and cooling units properly.

If you need HVAC repair, crawl space encapsulation or insulation installation services, you can feel confident by relying on Roko Comfort Solutions in Gastonia, NC. Call 980-266-2486 now to get a project estimate.

Dedicated to providing personalized customer care

We strive to deliver affordable HVAC and insulation installation services to every client in the Gastonia, NC area. We’ll do what it takes to bring comfort back to your home. Call Roko Comfort Solutions to schedule an appointment for HVAC repair, insulation installation or crawl space encapsulation services. We’re standing by to help.